Colour & Shape

July 29, 2009

These bracelets were my grandmother’s from the early 1970’s.  They lived for a long time in what my family called our “dress up” box.  My family has countless pictures of my siblings and I dressed up in ridiculous costumes, many of those pictures in which we were wearing these.  I always used to put all of them on my arms, and then walk around in my over-sized, out-dated clothes, listening to the bracelets clank against each other.   “Dress up” was the best – it was always full of laughs, allowed us to use our imagination and we explored fashions that seemed pretty outlandish to us!

Although some of the clothes and accessories still seem outlandish, I admit that I have found myself peeking back into that box, more than once, for what may now be a treasure.  These four bracelets have become a treasure to me.  Their colour & shape have so many memories wrapped up in them and I have always loved their design.  They no longer live in the “dress up” box, but now reside on my bookshelf because I believe that treasures, like these, should always be kept close at hand.  A good move in my mind.


One Response to “Colour & Shape”

  1. kathrynvphotography Says:

    I love love love this picture! Perfectly simple.

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