July 30, 2009

urchin |ˈər ch in|
1  a mischievous young child, esp. one who is poorly or raggedly dressed
2  short for sea urchin


This photograph was taken by my dear James when we last visited the tide pools near the Point Cabrillo Lighthouse in Mendocino.  We spotted this little guy as we were clambering across the rocks and were simply stunned by its radical beauty.

Urchins are a curious sort.  They have no eyes, arms, or legs, yet they can walk.  They possess tube-like feet at the end of their spines, which allow them to move freely across surfaces.  They live, feel & breathe through these feet and spines.  Though I have never seen an urchin move (and I can’t imagine it is very fast), I admit I have always seen these creatures in a rather simplistic way.  I simply thought that they were a pretty thing to look at and an unpleasant thing to touch.

As I have looked closer at these urchins over the years, my curiosity has grown.  Little did I know that the urchin inside of this daunting shell, was a thriving creature trying to survive in it’s own world, moving from place to place to adapt to changes.  I have found that, as with the sea urchin, I have underestimated many things and people in my life, including myself.  But until you have gone deep inside and taken the time to discover what is hiding underneath, I find it never hurts to take a closer look.


2 Responses to “Underestimated”

  1. kathrynvphotography Says:

    beautiful. and so true!

  2. russellandduenes Says:

    I appreciate the “eyes to see” that God has given you. Oh, and “dear James,” how sweet. Glad you’re blogging.

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