August 2, 2009

In the past I have always shied away from this color.  However, I recently decided that I would like to give my own room a makeover (more to come on that later!).  After two long years with my current room colors (avacado green, dark brown and white), I have decided to try something new!

No . . . I am not painting my room orange!

I will, however, be incorporating soft, warm oranges into my new color palette.  I think that when orange is integrated tastefully, it can come off as bright and fun in a room that is mostly made up of calm and relaxing blues & greys.  That’s the effect I hope to give off in mine, anyway.  Bright, sunny spots amongst some cooler colors.

Here are some old photographs of mine to help get the ideas flowing.  Enjoy!


One Response to “Orange”

  1. kathrynvphotography Says:

    i LOVE that color too – and these photos are phenomenal. love them!! could i get a print of the rose or paintbrush photos to frame in my room? i want some Rachel Elaine art featured. we’ll chat about it this week!

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