Tip : I have found the greatest chair ever!

August 29, 2009

Back in June, I was re-decorating our outdoor studio into a craft-friendly environment and I needed two chairs to go with the table that was in there.  Well, let me tell you . . . I have found the greatest chair ever! It is produced by Ikea, which means it is very cute and very affordable.  Granted, I know that their furniture is not meant for “long-term” usage, but I have never found a chair that is so ergonomic and classy at such a great price.  It’s form fits your lower back and bottom with slight curves and provides great lumbar support. It also has a bit of bend to it, rather than a totally stiff chair, because of the opening in the back.  I bought the two chairs for the studio in lime-green, but the other one I bought for my room was in white.  Here’s what it looks like :

It is called the Snille Chair and is available here.  They do not have it available in lime-green any longer, but it is available in white, blue, red, pink & yellow.  It is also available with swivel feet, but I prefer the chair frame pictured.  It is really easy to assemble too.

The cost?  A whopping $6.00 for the seat shell and $13.99 for the chair frame.  That is a total of $19.99 for one good looking & very comfortable chair.  What do you think?


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