August 30, 2009

I love salmon.  I love avocado.  And most of all, I love corn!  I found a great recipe for grilled salmon with a corn, avocado, tomato relish, so I wanted to try it out while my brother-in-law Jesse was in town.  Jesse is a highly talented photographer, who luckily enough for me, decided to document the whole event.

The first step in cooking fish well is buying GOOD fish.  In my opinion, fish doesn’t really need that much preparation.  You can jazz it up with some spices & lemon, but it is most important to let the fish speak for itself.

The recipe I used was from the Food Network recipe archives.

Following dinner, Jesse, mom, & I all watched Apache with Burt Lancaster.  Definitely worth seeing!

The relish was, in my opinion, what made this dish.  I am a little biased, considering that two of the ingredients included are two of my favorites on the planet.  Avocado & corn.  Mm-mm!

When cooking salmon in a grill pan like this, you want enough oil so that it doesn’t stick, but you also don’t want the salmon swimming in it.  It’s a very delicate balance that I did not get right the first time!

Here’s a photograph of the salmon on top of the asparagus and topped with the relish.  I did the asparagus in the oven for about five to seven minutes til it was golden brown, but still crunchy.  It tastes really good if you brush it with a mixture of lemon juice and olive oil before you cook it.  James’ mom cooks it this way and it is my absolute favorite way to eat it!

Everything was finished off with a little pot of wild rice.

I’m not a seasoned chef, but I really enjoyed making this.  I think that any dish can taste good AND be really beautiful.  I also think that the way things look on a plate makes such a difference in the overall meal.  Aesthetics and creativity in cuisine take an ordinary meal that tastes great and turns it into an exceptional one.

Happy cooking!


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