September 9, 2009

Awhile back, Sarah asked me to give a little facelift to her space.  After rummaging through her favorite things and discussing her personal aesthetic, these were some of the displays I came up with.  Her style is essentially feminine & scholarly, just like her, with a flair for all things vintage and beautiful.

She’s not a permanent resident, so we weren’t able to nail, paint, re-furnish or even move anything around, but I think that the look I gave to the room was fresh and inspiring for her.  My goal was to create little vignettes that showcased her personal style and displayed some of her favorite belongings in a clean, non-cluttered environment.

This was probably Sarah’s favorite change to the room.  I turned a CD holder onto its bottom, so that it could store her poetry journals.  I added old black and white photos of San Leandro to the front to make it a little more interesting and we put the old CD cases in storage.  It was an innovative way to take something boring and turn it into something interesting.  We both loved it!

It was so much fun to work with Sarah on her room.  Although she is my sister, it is always a challenge to define someone through their belongings and the way they are displayed.  However, one thing is for sure . . She is a real class-act!


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