See & Explore

October 28, 2009

My friends Tami & Steven have such a fun house!  There are sheep, chickens, an adorable beagle and even a chinchilla!  Here are some photographs I took of the place :

This girl is a big-eater.  She will eat almost anything that is green.  One of her favorite treats?  Fig leaves.

This baby lamb was recently born.  I’m not sure if it is a girl or boy, but the lamb is very skittish!

This is Boo the beagle.  I don’t need to describe her because you can see for yourself how adorable she is.

Here are three of the six chickens.  They all have really cool names like Perry, Disco, and Michael Jackson.

I think that this house would be an amazing place to grow up because there are so many things to see & explore!



October 24, 2009

One of the most thoughtful gifts I have ever been given came out of a mistake.  You’re probably wondering why I am putting up pictures of a piece of metal.  Well, let me tell you – this piece of metal is one of my prized possessions!

If you don’t know my boyfriend James, he used to work for his dad at Alpha Magnetics and they would cut magnets and make all kinds of things.  Before James & I started dating, a friend that worked with him told me that James had been distracted at work and made a mistake while working.  Metal flew everywhere and one of the pieces he picked up was this very piece.

He gave this to me nearly a year later and told me that the reason he had messed up that day was because he had been thinking of me.  I think that mistakes like this are the most beautiful kind and should always be treasured.  Every time I see this, not only am I amazed at it’s natural beauty, but I am always overwhelmed with emotion.  Truly a gift that keeps on giving.

Thank you, James.

Día de los Muertos

October 22, 2009

I am very excited to share this with you!  Our Día de los Muertos window went up last Monday.  It came out great with lots of vibrant colors and Day of the Dead ephemera inside.  View more photographs of it at my work’s blog here : Urban Indigo’s Blog

The window will be entered into an annual Halloween/Day of the Dead window display contest at the end of the month.  Cross your fingers & may the best window win!

– – –

Photograph courtesy of Elizabeth Kinsey.


October 18, 2009

These photographs were taken almost a year ago, but I recently stumbled upon them again & was immediately in awe of the stunning backdrop.  I remember my brother and his wife had their engagement photos taken here.

Last November, I took these photographs of my sister, Sarah, at the Legion of Honor Art Museum in San Francisco.  The architecture of the museum and the soft lighting that day made for an absolutely gorgeous setting!  Enjoy!

Thanks to my sweet Sarah!

Fashion in the Family

October 15, 2009

My grandma is so glamorous!  My dad passed the following photographs on to me for a current project I am working on for school and I simply had to share them with you!

My grandpa took these fantastic photos around when she was twenty.  Growing up, she found ways to circumvent the hardships of the Depression and war years by becoming innovative in fashion.  She made many clothes and chose simple pieces that would go with many things, but had unique elements about them.  In high school, she was named the “best dressed high school girl” in the entire State of Utah!  After graduating, she worked with a company doing interior design for ballrooms, restaurants, et cetera.  She then moved to work for a company called Wolfer’s doing window displays and visual merchandising for them.  When she was 33, her and my grandpa opened up a clothing store called The Colony in San Leandro, CA.  Shortly after opening the store, they won the national prize for the best small store in the United States from Seventeen magazine.  Her life achievements are inspiring to me and her motivation is one that I will always try to emulate.  I hope to always keep the fashion in the family.

Part Two : Sleep

October 11, 2009

I love my bed.  Even though it is so small and I think I outgrew before I was twelve, it is one of my favorite places in the whole wide world.  The gray duvet cover came from Ikea for a whopping forty dollars.  It was made with a satin-weave, so it is extra soft and slippery.  It really feels luxurious!  My mom bought the small orange pillow for me from Kohl’s for ten dollars.  The best part about it besides the fact that it is orange?  It’s by Vera Wang!

The lower shelf on my nightstand is the best place to store my Anthropologie mags.  They’re easy to access and always inspire me.

My nightstand also came from (surprise, surprise) Ikea, as well as the lamp, shade, and small cacti.  The photograph is of my grandpa Dean when he was younger.  I love having a lamp right by my bed because I will often stay up late reading and writing.

One of my favorite things EVER is this drawing made by my very, very talented sister Elizabeth.  Right now she is studying art at an atelier called the Gage Academy in Seattle.  I purchased this piece from her to fund her recent studies abroad in Florence.  She has such an attention to detail and an eye truly trained in visual aesthetics that only comes with being a great artist.  You can see a larger view of Torse de Femme on her website.

I hope you enjoyed this little peek into my life!  Coming soon are photographs of a Día de los Muertos window, more inspiration and more looks into my room.

Falling in love with fall.

October 3, 2009

For the fall window, I wanted to incorporate lots of leaves (for obvious reasons).  My mom had the brilliant idea of suspending bare, dead branches from the ceiling to create an interesting look, so credit is due there because it turned out amazing!  I love the way it looks like all the leaves fell off of the branches and swirled to the ground on this side.

Ok, there are some great books in here!  Let me tell you what a couple of them are :

-Doña Tomás cookbook (upper left corner) : Full of amazing recipes from paella to mexican hot chocolate to ceviche to corn bread pudding.  The cookbook comes from the owners of Doña Tomás in Oakland (which is also amazing, by the way) and Tacubaya Taqueria in Berkeley.  Well worth leafing through and imagining the possibilites!

-SF Food Lover’s Guide (on wood cutting board) : This is the best guide ever.  Period.  It has multiple indices on price, genre, area, et cetera.  I have already found several little gems after looking through this book.  If you love food and you love San Francisco, it’s a must!

-NEW Pictorial Webster’s Dictionary (little green book) : A dream come true for the visually inclined.  This book just came out recently and it has everything you could possibly think of in it.  Not only are the illustrations amazing, the subjects are endless.

Ok, sorry . . . I get overly excited about awesome books sometimes.  Continuing on to the other side of the window . . .

This was the more kid-oriented side of the window.  The leaves in this one were simply scattered all over the wall and attached in a random, irregular pattern.  Some of my favorite things here are The Red Balloon, the Tin Can Robot, and the greatest accessory to any Halloween costume – Gnarly Teeth!

I like this photograph because it simply shows just how many leaves were used!  As you can see, quite a lot!  My boyfriend and I handpicked all these little leaves up on Mandana on Oakland, which turned out to be quite fun.  By the time we were done collecting we had an entire Safeway bag filled to the brim with leaves.  I thought to myself, this will definitely be more than enough.  By the time this window was completed, the bag was empty!  I had used every single one.

This window was a LOT of work to prepare AND to put up, but I think the result was well worth it.  Since October began just a couple days ago, I have really been falling in love with fall. Everything about the air, the smells, the swirling leaves is just so comforting as I know the holidays are approaching fast.

I am very excited about our next window.  It is being installed on Friday, October the 16th and we will be participating in a window contest.  More to share with you about that later!