Falling in love with fall.

October 3, 2009

For the fall window, I wanted to incorporate lots of leaves (for obvious reasons).  My mom had the brilliant idea of suspending bare, dead branches from the ceiling to create an interesting look, so credit is due there because it turned out amazing!  I love the way it looks like all the leaves fell off of the branches and swirled to the ground on this side.

Ok, there are some great books in here!  Let me tell you what a couple of them are :

-Doña Tomás cookbook (upper left corner) : Full of amazing recipes from paella to mexican hot chocolate to ceviche to corn bread pudding.  The cookbook comes from the owners of Doña Tomás in Oakland (which is also amazing, by the way) and Tacubaya Taqueria in Berkeley.  Well worth leafing through and imagining the possibilites!

-SF Food Lover’s Guide (on wood cutting board) : This is the best guide ever.  Period.  It has multiple indices on price, genre, area, et cetera.  I have already found several little gems after looking through this book.  If you love food and you love San Francisco, it’s a must!

-NEW Pictorial Webster’s Dictionary (little green book) : A dream come true for the visually inclined.  This book just came out recently and it has everything you could possibly think of in it.  Not only are the illustrations amazing, the subjects are endless.

Ok, sorry . . . I get overly excited about awesome books sometimes.  Continuing on to the other side of the window . . .

This was the more kid-oriented side of the window.  The leaves in this one were simply scattered all over the wall and attached in a random, irregular pattern.  Some of my favorite things here are The Red Balloon, the Tin Can Robot, and the greatest accessory to any Halloween costume – Gnarly Teeth!

I like this photograph because it simply shows just how many leaves were used!  As you can see, quite a lot!  My boyfriend and I handpicked all these little leaves up on Mandana on Oakland, which turned out to be quite fun.  By the time we were done collecting we had an entire Safeway bag filled to the brim with leaves.  I thought to myself, this will definitely be more than enough.  By the time this window was completed, the bag was empty!  I had used every single one.

This window was a LOT of work to prepare AND to put up, but I think the result was well worth it.  Since October began just a couple days ago, I have really been falling in love with fall. Everything about the air, the smells, the swirling leaves is just so comforting as I know the holidays are approaching fast.

I am very excited about our next window.  It is being installed on Friday, October the 16th and we will be participating in a window contest.  More to share with you about that later!


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