Part Two : Sleep

October 11, 2009

I love my bed.  Even though it is so small and I think I outgrew before I was twelve, it is one of my favorite places in the whole wide world.  The gray duvet cover came from Ikea for a whopping forty dollars.  It was made with a satin-weave, so it is extra soft and slippery.  It really feels luxurious!  My mom bought the small orange pillow for me from Kohl’s for ten dollars.  The best part about it besides the fact that it is orange?  It’s by Vera Wang!

The lower shelf on my nightstand is the best place to store my Anthropologie mags.  They’re easy to access and always inspire me.

My nightstand also came from (surprise, surprise) Ikea, as well as the lamp, shade, and small cacti.  The photograph is of my grandpa Dean when he was younger.  I love having a lamp right by my bed because I will often stay up late reading and writing.

One of my favorite things EVER is this drawing made by my very, very talented sister Elizabeth.  Right now she is studying art at an atelier called the Gage Academy in Seattle.  I purchased this piece from her to fund her recent studies abroad in Florence.  She has such an attention to detail and an eye truly trained in visual aesthetics that only comes with being a great artist.  You can see a larger view of Torse de Femme on her website.

I hope you enjoyed this little peek into my life!  Coming soon are photographs of a Día de los Muertos window, more inspiration and more looks into my room.


2 Responses to “Part Two : Sleep”

  1. russellandduenes Says:

    I’m a late night reader, too. And though our duvet cover is all flowery, there’s few things I appreciate more than having that duvet, especially in winter. Why the picture of your grandpa?

    • roomforchange Says:

      I keep the photograph close for several reasons . . . the most obvious reason being remembrance, since he passed several years ago. I’ve often been quite sad that I could not get to know my grandpa more since I was younger and I feel that I would have bonded so much more with him now if he was still alive. however, the memories I have with him are some that are very dear to me and were a major part of my growing up, so I like to remember those times often. I like photography because it communicates so much in such a simple way. I also love the “old look” of the photograph. I obviously never knew him when he was younger, but this particular picture has such a timelessness about it that I will always love. thanks for asking; you got me thinking!

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