Fashion in the Family

October 15, 2009

My grandma is so glamorous!  My dad passed the following photographs on to me for a current project I am working on for school and I simply had to share them with you!

My grandpa took these fantastic photos around when she was twenty.  Growing up, she found ways to circumvent the hardships of the Depression and war years by becoming innovative in fashion.  She made many clothes and chose simple pieces that would go with many things, but had unique elements about them.  In high school, she was named the “best dressed high school girl” in the entire State of Utah!  After graduating, she worked with a company doing interior design for ballrooms, restaurants, et cetera.  She then moved to work for a company called Wolfer’s doing window displays and visual merchandising for them.  When she was 33, her and my grandpa opened up a clothing store called The Colony in San Leandro, CA.  Shortly after opening the store, they won the national prize for the best small store in the United States from Seventeen magazine.  Her life achievements are inspiring to me and her motivation is one that I will always try to emulate.  I hope to always keep the fashion in the family.


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