November 2, 2009

Halloween was a lot of fun this year!  For an early Halloween party and for work, I dressed up as a zombie bride.  The dress was my cousin’s that she bought off eBay for a dollar! Can you believe that?

I know it is difficult to see our outfits in this photograph, but Hannah (a friend on Lakeshore) was an awesome cowboy and I was, of course, a zombie bride.

This photograph was taken at Kandance’s house with April and Tara who were so cute dressed up as Thing 1 and Thing 2. What a great costume idea!

On Halloween night I transformed into the bride of Frankenstein’s monster and we put on a whole haunted house for all the kids in the neighborhood.  It was a lot of fun to act and scaring the adults was the best part!  We had a couple hundred people pass through – I would call it a great success!  Here are some of the photographs taken last night :

The long tunnel leading to the backyard.

My darling Grandma.

My brother Aaron played Dr. Frankenstein, of course!  Here are some of the tools he used to create his infamous monster.

We all had very different pumpkins this year!  Mine was the second on the left.  I decided to make a “French” pumpkin and gave my little guy a moustache, as well as a pumpkin beret!

As I said, I arrived as a zombie . . .

. . . but quickly became the bride of Frankestein’s monster!  My mom backcombed my hair for about five minutes straight and the result was quite horrifying.  What was even more horrifying was trying to comb my hair later that night . . .

Overall, it was a very spooky evening.  It was really exciting to be able to be creative and make the night fun for kids.  Many of them had never heard Mary Shelley’s story of Frankenstein.  I hope to upload some more photographs later of my family (my dad as Igor, Sarah & mom as villagers) and James who played the monster ever so well.


2 Responses to “Spooky”

  1. i love the backcomb… and you and hannah look great! ;-P

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