November 10, 2009

The first experience I had at the symphony was amazing.  I was moved to tears the moment the music began.  Vivaldi & Tchaikovsky were definitely a good introduction.

The second experience I had at the symphony, however, was phenomenal. This past Friday James, Sarah & I all traipsed over to Davies Symphony Hall to hear Semyon Bychkov conduct a piece Rachmaninoff constructed to accompany Edgar Allen Poe’s The Bells.  There was a chorus that sang in Russian and it was all quite dramatic (& Russian, of course).

The second piece was his second symphony in A minor.  The moodiness, the romantic qualities, the crescendos – everything was right on, perfect.  I do admit . . . I was a little let down by the ending to The Bells.  I was expecting that climactic, dramatic ending of Rachmaninoff’s that I had so come to love.  However, the ending of the second number was the cherry on top of an amazing night.  Here are a few photographs from the evening.

The view from the balcony.

James & I.

Sarah & I.

Davies Symphony Hall.

Champagne.  I look so happy.

I was introduced to Rachmaninoff by a college friend and I immediately fell in love with this piece.  Once I get any sort of free time, I’m going to learn it.

Listen to it by clicking here.  My favorite part is around 8:25.  Enjoy!


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