Bag Lady

November 19, 2009

Tonight is the SFSU Student Runway Fashion Show & Showcase in Jack Adams Hall.  Here is a sneak preview :

Four friends & I made a garment completely out of plastic bags for a recyclable, sustainable project.  75% are Safeway bags and the other 25% are from small stores that read “Thank You”.  The top has a braided piece that is attached to the bodice and criss-crosses in the back.  The bodice was fused with eight layers of plastic bags and designed using a repetitive pattern of the Safeway logo.  The skirt is a 45 inch double-circle skirt with an extra layer of pleated bags underneath to add extra pouf.  At the very bottom of the skirt we decided to add a braided hemline.

To see this piece and other cool creations, come to the fashion show tonight.  Tickets are only five dollars.  The doors open at six thirty & the show starts at seven.  I will be walking this piece down the runway as well as another piece that is part of a “Reptilia” collection.  More photographs to come later.  Hope to see you there!


One Response to “Bag Lady”

  1. kathrynvphotography Says:

    you… are amazing. you amaze me.

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