January 8, 2010

Christmas is always a big ordeal in my family.  This year was exceptionally good considering some difficult circumstances that took place several days before (more on that later).  Things were crazy, noisy, sometimes inappropriate and altogether funny.  Here’s a little peak into why I love my family so much.

Sarah bought Boylan’s for everybody from the market on Estudillo.  Yum!  Their Rootbeer & Lemon flavors are supreme, though Sarah swears by their Birch Beer.

Last year my dad discovered the Christmas markets in Germany and he came home armed with about fifteen mugs for the traditional glüh-wine beverage they make in Germany for the holidays.  This year he came back with more & James tried out the newest addition – the boot mug!

The highlight of this Christmas Eve were the glow sticks everybody got in their stockings.  We all made unique creations and Jesse took a family photo of all of us.  Here are some photographs I took.

This picture of Jesse, Sarah and James is by far my favorite!

Aaron (with food in his mouth?) & Leslie.

Liz & Jesse.


One Response to “Christmas”

  1. Sharon Says:

    I love your family toooo!!!

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