Bouquets to Art

April 26, 2010

This last Friday I had the amazing opportunity to go see Bouquets to Art at the de Young Museum in San Francisco. My mom treated my sister and I to this fantastic visual feast and what a feast it was!

Bouquets to Art is an annual exhibit where floral designers enter the museum and create a unique piece inspired by anything in the museum, be it the building itself, a view to the outside, a piece of art, et cetera. Inspired designs varied from abstract to literal interpretations. The pieces were absolutely PHENOMENAL! Here are some  . .

This piece was made with over 500 CD cases!

A beautiful interpretation of a painting of a cotton picker in the red hot sun.

Bundles of flowers mimicing Wayne Thiebaud’s pop-art gumball machines.

Radiant Sarah in front of a Richard Diebenkorn.

This was probably my favorite piece. The gradiant of red, orange and yellow callas were reaching out of the confines of dark, burnt wood. It resembled a pillar of fire and was an interpretation of my favorite piece at the de Young Museum. The sculpture that inspired this is constructed from the charred remains of an African American Baptist Church that was burned down by arsonists. The piece itself is incredibly moving and I thought the floral designer did it great justice.

A literal, but exciting representation with painted agapanthus.

My favorite flowers of the night were these little mustard-colored orbs. They’re called pincushion proteas.

This sculpture was made from over 1800 mini carnations. Did you read that? 1800(!) mini carnations!

Definitely the strangest piece I saw! A horse head made out of what appeared to be reversed sage leaves. Who knows.

Stunning succulents!

Such a fun night! I will definitely be going again next year. Live music, a bar, and so many beautiful things to see! I really enjoyed myself. If only I could have taken some of those flowers home with me!


2 Responses to “Bouquets to Art”

  1. Cortney Says:

    oh my goodness, that is amazing! I wish I knew this was going on!

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