Love Photos!

September 14, 2010

Back in August, my amazing friend Nicholas took some sweet engagement photos of my dear James and I. They took place around my house, at some nearby railroad tracks and one of our favorite places to go . . . the Marin Headlands. I can’t choose a favorite, but here is one that James & I especially love!

Here’s a link to view all of the photographs, if you please!


Big News!

May 13, 2010

Well, big news for my little blog!  Back in February, I applied for a visual merchandising internship at Nordstrom in San Francisco. You know the humongous one with seven floors or so? Anyway, fast-forward four interviews and three months later . . I got the job!

I am SO (can’t emphasize that enough!) incredibly excited to join the company and learn so many new things. I love all the people I have met with so far and I know this experience will be amazing!

Yes. I am sad to leave Urban Indigo! I installed my last window installation today and it was definitely bittersweet. I will miss the fun and freedom I experienced there and will never forget the experience.

But as I named my blog, there is always room for change.

I am excited to embrace this new chapter of my life! Starting in June, I’ll be working full time in the city and hopefully I will get lots of opportunities to share a little bit of my new experience with you!

Here are some surrealist-inspired advertisements from Nordstrom’s SP/SU 09 season that I totally love.

More to come!

Bouquets to Art

April 26, 2010

This last Friday I had the amazing opportunity to go see Bouquets to Art at the de Young Museum in San Francisco. My mom treated my sister and I to this fantastic visual feast and what a feast it was!

Bouquets to Art is an annual exhibit where floral designers enter the museum and create a unique piece inspired by anything in the museum, be it the building itself, a view to the outside, a piece of art, et cetera. Inspired designs varied from abstract to literal interpretations. The pieces were absolutely PHENOMENAL! Here are some  . .

This piece was made with over 500 CD cases!

A beautiful interpretation of a painting of a cotton picker in the red hot sun.

Bundles of flowers mimicing Wayne Thiebaud’s pop-art gumball machines.

Radiant Sarah in front of a Richard Diebenkorn.

This was probably my favorite piece. The gradiant of red, orange and yellow callas were reaching out of the confines of dark, burnt wood. It resembled a pillar of fire and was an interpretation of my favorite piece at the de Young Museum. The sculpture that inspired this is constructed from the charred remains of an African American Baptist Church that was burned down by arsonists. The piece itself is incredibly moving and I thought the floral designer did it great justice.

A literal, but exciting representation with painted agapanthus.

My favorite flowers of the night were these little mustard-colored orbs. They’re called pincushion proteas.

This sculpture was made from over 1800 mini carnations. Did you read that? 1800(!) mini carnations!

Definitely the strangest piece I saw! A horse head made out of what appeared to be reversed sage leaves. Who knows.

Stunning succulents!

Such a fun night! I will definitely be going again next year. Live music, a bar, and so many beautiful things to see! I really enjoyed myself. If only I could have taken some of those flowers home with me!

Mount Diablo

January 23, 2010

I love Mount Diablo.  The other day James and I foolishly sped off on the motorcycle in the freezing cold weather to make a little trip up there.  But it was definitely worth it.  Although it was pretty foggy, it was still such a majestic place to be.  The colors in the scenery and the rolling landscape are truly beautiful!

Good Design

January 11, 2010

My sister Sarah has always told me that my bookshelves are full of “coffee table books”.  While I do own books that are chock full of words (believe it or not), I seem to be drawn to those that are colorful, full of graphics, and endless hours of inspiration.  I am a different sort of bibliophile.  I would much rather prefer to look at a Mies van der Rohe chair, than I would to read Jane Austen.  I always judge books by their covers and I just can’t seem to move past my fascination for what you might call beautiful picture books.  The following books are three of my all time favorite design books.

1.  The Nest Home Design Handbook by Carley Roney – This book is fantastic!  When I first bought it, I sat down and read it straight from cover to cover!  My favorite things about this book?  In the back of the book there is a DIY mini floor plan you can play around with to get some ideas.  You can cut out the shapes of furniture and move them around until you find a configuration that suits you, without the hassle of actually having to push around bulky furniture.  Not feeling creative?  There are also several examples of both living room and kitchen layouts, as well as extensive examples of all different kinds of chairs, tables, sofas, et cetera.

2.  Domino : The Book of Decorating by Caponigro, Costello, Needleman – I recently purchased this book from Barnes & Nobles and I am so happy I did!  This is one of those books where you just want to sit down and read it for hours.  The photographs are beautiful and some of the ideas are purely ingenious!  I showed this book to my sister-in-law Leslie and my brother Aaron because they are in the works of creating a home and I immediately saw the gears begin to turn.  There is something that can be taken away from every photograph in here.  Truly good design.

3.  Apartment Therapy by Maxwell Gillingham Ryan – This was the first interior design book I had ever purchased.  Although I am not currently and have never lived in an apartment, this book is invaluable.  When all else fails, this book is a place to come back to for sheer inspiration.  The examples are all real homes and the creativity in design and manipulation of space makes this definitely worth purchasing.  You won’t regret it!

Although I am not an avid reader, there is something to be said for this class of books.  To me, anything that inspires creativity is a worthy investment.  I hope you find inspiration in these as well.

See & Explore

October 28, 2009

My friends Tami & Steven have such a fun house!  There are sheep, chickens, an adorable beagle and even a chinchilla!  Here are some photographs I took of the place :

This girl is a big-eater.  She will eat almost anything that is green.  One of her favorite treats?  Fig leaves.

This baby lamb was recently born.  I’m not sure if it is a girl or boy, but the lamb is very skittish!

This is Boo the beagle.  I don’t need to describe her because you can see for yourself how adorable she is.

Here are three of the six chickens.  They all have really cool names like Perry, Disco, and Michael Jackson.

I think that this house would be an amazing place to grow up because there are so many things to see & explore!

Fashion in the Family

October 15, 2009

My grandma is so glamorous!  My dad passed the following photographs on to me for a current project I am working on for school and I simply had to share them with you!

My grandpa took these fantastic photos around when she was twenty.  Growing up, she found ways to circumvent the hardships of the Depression and war years by becoming innovative in fashion.  She made many clothes and chose simple pieces that would go with many things, but had unique elements about them.  In high school, she was named the “best dressed high school girl” in the entire State of Utah!  After graduating, she worked with a company doing interior design for ballrooms, restaurants, et cetera.  She then moved to work for a company called Wolfer’s doing window displays and visual merchandising for them.  When she was 33, her and my grandpa opened up a clothing store called The Colony in San Leandro, CA.  Shortly after opening the store, they won the national prize for the best small store in the United States from Seventeen magazine.  Her life achievements are inspiring to me and her motivation is one that I will always try to emulate.  I hope to always keep the fashion in the family.

Shades & Spheres

September 10, 2009

I am in love with these rings from Joli Jewelry.  She designs them herself in New York & then a group of woman collaborate in her studio to make them by hand.

These rings “share the love and interest in original, old materials and the importance of reusing: ie., vintage glass, original plastics like celluloid and Bakelite, old metal findings, old French enamels and mother of pearl pieces. Found items such as buttons, buckles, trimming, perfume bottle top crystals, purse openers, fans and furniture handles are among the items used.”

I’m not sure where else you can find them, but I first fell in love when they arrived at the store I work at in Oakland, called Urban Indigo.  I love how many different shades & spheres there are incorporated into them.  I think that they would complement neutral colored garments well, being an accent piece that would really make the whole outfit pop.  Aren’t they gorgeous?


September 2, 2009

Last weekend, James & I took a little trip down to Monterey to celebrate & cherish the last two years we have spent together.  Here are some photographs & moments from our special day.  I am always inspired by sea life and many of my favorite photos came from the Aquarium.  I hope you enjoy looking at them as much as I did.

We started out the day with lunch at Archie’s American Diner.  There were crayons, hamburgers, and lots of red & white checkered Americana decor.

Seeing the seahorse exhibit at the Monterey Aquarium was one of my favorite parts.  They are absolutely amazing creatures!  These little guys were a little less than one inch in size!

The jellyfish are always and have always been my favorite creatures at the museum.

After the aquarium, we went to a candy store and loaded up and then went out to Lover’s Point for some amazing views.

What an amazing day spent with my best friend.  I love you, James.


August 8, 2009

Typewriters, once a thing of the past, have become more and more popular over the years as modern technology pushes further and further away from them.  I, myself, have grown more and more fond of my little black Royal.

He entered my life about a year ago for sixty dollars and let me tell you . . . he has been worth every penny!  There is something invigorating and satisfying about the clicking of typewriter keys that cannot be attained through any other mechanism.

All this to say, one of my favorite things to give as gifts are these necklaces.

We sell them at the place I work : Urban Indigo.  They are locally made in Oakland, California by The Weekend Store & they make the best gifts!

I can only begin to imagine the stories behind them and the letters they have written.

Here’s to great design!