September 14, 2010

On August 13th, I graduated from Nordstrom’s visual merchandising program. I learned SO much. Really. I never could have imagined how much I would learn! Here are some pictures of what I was working on all summer with the awesome team in San Francisco . . Enjoy!

The first day that I worked on transfers with Lisa! Introducing the TOMS wedge to Nordstrom.

Accessories Back Wall.

Matt and I worked on this Vitrine together. Vitrine is a fancy French word for tiny window.

Burberry window featuring the debut of Burberry makeup.

Christopher Bailey’s PA (Personal Appearance)!! Christopher Bailey is the Chief Creative Director of Burberry.

Anniversary Vitrine. Coming up with this concept was so much fun! I felt like the boots were running off to the Anniversary sale! And the girl is thinking, “Hm, which boot to choose? I love this boot. But I also love all these!”

I loved styling this outfit because I would totally wear it if I could afford it. Classic Stella McCartney.

Burberry Prorsum.

Burberry Prorsum in Left Market Street Window. August’s trim was inspired by Nordstrom’s 10-year collaboration with artist, Ruben Toledo.

Donna Karan in Right Market Street Window. One word : Obsessed.

All I did for this window was paint, but it was fabulous so I had to include it. Michael Bublé window.

We also installed special surprises all over the store in homage to Ruben. This girl had a GIANT paintbrush and birdcages all around.

This girl was my favorite. Stowed away back in Collector’s, she stood tall in her cage skirt base, with boots and bags all around. It is hard to see, but the fabric continues onto the floor with a transfer that reads “Where Art Meets Fashion”.

– – –

So, there you have it. A little taste of what I was working on all summer long. Pretty cool, don’t you think? I know one thing’s for sure – I’ll never forget it!


Good Design

January 11, 2010

My sister Sarah has always told me that my bookshelves are full of “coffee table books”.  While I do own books that are chock full of words (believe it or not), I seem to be drawn to those that are colorful, full of graphics, and endless hours of inspiration.  I am a different sort of bibliophile.  I would much rather prefer to look at a Mies van der Rohe chair, than I would to read Jane Austen.  I always judge books by their covers and I just can’t seem to move past my fascination for what you might call beautiful picture books.  The following books are three of my all time favorite design books.

1.  The Nest Home Design Handbook by Carley Roney – This book is fantastic!  When I first bought it, I sat down and read it straight from cover to cover!  My favorite things about this book?  In the back of the book there is a DIY mini floor plan you can play around with to get some ideas.  You can cut out the shapes of furniture and move them around until you find a configuration that suits you, without the hassle of actually having to push around bulky furniture.  Not feeling creative?  There are also several examples of both living room and kitchen layouts, as well as extensive examples of all different kinds of chairs, tables, sofas, et cetera.

2.  Domino : The Book of Decorating by Caponigro, Costello, Needleman – I recently purchased this book from Barnes & Nobles and I am so happy I did!  This is one of those books where you just want to sit down and read it for hours.  The photographs are beautiful and some of the ideas are purely ingenious!  I showed this book to my sister-in-law Leslie and my brother Aaron because they are in the works of creating a home and I immediately saw the gears begin to turn.  There is something that can be taken away from every photograph in here.  Truly good design.

3.  Apartment Therapy by Maxwell Gillingham Ryan – This was the first interior design book I had ever purchased.  Although I am not currently and have never lived in an apartment, this book is invaluable.  When all else fails, this book is a place to come back to for sheer inspiration.  The examples are all real homes and the creativity in design and manipulation of space makes this definitely worth purchasing.  You won’t regret it!

Although I am not an avid reader, there is something to be said for this class of books.  To me, anything that inspires creativity is a worthy investment.  I hope you find inspiration in these as well.

Part Two : Sleep

October 11, 2009

I love my bed.  Even though it is so small and I think I outgrew before I was twelve, it is one of my favorite places in the whole wide world.  The gray duvet cover came from Ikea for a whopping forty dollars.  It was made with a satin-weave, so it is extra soft and slippery.  It really feels luxurious!  My mom bought the small orange pillow for me from Kohl’s for ten dollars.  The best part about it besides the fact that it is orange?  It’s by Vera Wang!

The lower shelf on my nightstand is the best place to store my Anthropologie mags.  They’re easy to access and always inspire me.

My nightstand also came from (surprise, surprise) Ikea, as well as the lamp, shade, and small cacti.  The photograph is of my grandpa Dean when he was younger.  I love having a lamp right by my bed because I will often stay up late reading and writing.

One of my favorite things EVER is this drawing made by my very, very talented sister Elizabeth.  Right now she is studying art at an atelier called the Gage Academy in Seattle.  I purchased this piece from her to fund her recent studies abroad in Florence.  She has such an attention to detail and an eye truly trained in visual aesthetics that only comes with being a great artist.  You can see a larger view of Torse de Femme on her website.

I hope you enjoyed this little peek into my life!  Coming soon are photographs of a Día de los Muertos window, more inspiration and more looks into my room.

Part One : Work Space

September 11, 2009

I recently decided that I wanted to re-decorate my room.  My mom wasn’t too happy when she found out about my plans because we had just painted it about three years before.  However, at the time when we painted it I knew nothing about color theory and had no idea that chartreuse wasn’t a good choice for a living space.  I’ve always been a fan of color, but after living in four walls of avocado green with a bedspread to match, I felt my days with bright colors were numbered.  I needed something peaceful, a place to relax and get things accomplished.  A place to breathe amidst life’s pandemonium.

I also wanted a space that reflected who I am now.  Many people know that between the years of fourteen to nineteen (give or take a few years), you change drastically.  Your taste, style, musical preferences, friends, views . . . (pretty much you name it and it can be included in this list) are constantly evolving.  Yes, I thought chartreuse was an excellent choice for a room color at the time.  And for a period of time, it was.

But things have changed.  & just like the premise of my blog, there is always room for change and change is good.  Within the next week or so, I will be posting little tidbits about what my new room looks like.  This first part is about my work space.

I wanted my desk to be a place where I could get things accomplished.  In the past, my desk has been a landing zone for all kinds things.  But I have realized that the key to diminishing clutter is finding a home for everything.

Let me introduce you to my furniture : My desk was used, but originally from Ikea, as well as my chair and the two frames.  The lamp and paper tray on my desk were both from Target.

Side Note : Beautiful fresh flowers from Grandma’s garden!

Just try and imagine what those green walls looked like before . . . Isn’t this refreshing?  I purchased all my paints from Kelly Moore in San Leandro.  I highly recommend them.  The staff is very helpful and knowledgable about the products.

Another new addition to my room is the bare wood floors.  My house was originally built in the 1800’s and I just love the character these floors possess.  They used to be covered by a jute rug from Ikea, but I am loving the new look.

My favorite thing about my work space now are the two Rex Ray prints that hang above my desk.  Rex Ray is one of my favorite pop artists, runner up to Andy, of course.  I had written in a previous post about how I wanted to incorporate bright pops of color into the room and these prints were the perfect fit.

These lamps are the best!  I purchased one from Target for Katy’s room in a brushed silver and was so impressed that I bought another in black chrome for myself.  They range from $40-50, but are totally worth the bucks.  Both Katy’s and my room are fairly dim, but these lamps illuminate very well and their versatility (you can move the individual shades) makes it well worth the price.

I know this photograph is similar to the other shot, but it includes one essential element that every work space should have in some form or another – a bulletin board!  I post my work schedule up here, receipts, notes & reminders . . it is so helpful in keeping my head on straight, rather than having a plethora of post-it notes scattered about my room (I speak from experience!).

I hope you enjoyed seeing this little part of me.  It took a lot of work, but I am pleased with how it turned out and I look forward to sharing more and more with you in the coming days.  Your thoughts are always welcome!


September 9, 2009

Awhile back, Sarah asked me to give a little facelift to her space.  After rummaging through her favorite things and discussing her personal aesthetic, these were some of the displays I came up with.  Her style is essentially feminine & scholarly, just like her, with a flair for all things vintage and beautiful.

She’s not a permanent resident, so we weren’t able to nail, paint, re-furnish or even move anything around, but I think that the look I gave to the room was fresh and inspiring for her.  My goal was to create little vignettes that showcased her personal style and displayed some of her favorite belongings in a clean, non-cluttered environment.

This was probably Sarah’s favorite change to the room.  I turned a CD holder onto its bottom, so that it could store her poetry journals.  I added old black and white photos of San Leandro to the front to make it a little more interesting and we put the old CD cases in storage.  It was an innovative way to take something boring and turn it into something interesting.  We both loved it!

It was so much fun to work with Sarah on her room.  Although she is my sister, it is always a challenge to define someone through their belongings and the way they are displayed.  However, one thing is for sure . . She is a real class-act!


August 2, 2009

In the past I have always shied away from this color.  However, I recently decided that I would like to give my own room a makeover (more to come on that later!).  After two long years with my current room colors (avacado green, dark brown and white), I have decided to try something new!

No . . . I am not painting my room orange!

I will, however, be incorporating soft, warm oranges into my new color palette.  I think that when orange is integrated tastefully, it can come off as bright and fun in a room that is mostly made up of calm and relaxing blues & greys.  That’s the effect I hope to give off in mine, anyway.  Bright, sunny spots amongst some cooler colors.

Here are some old photographs of mine to help get the ideas flowing.  Enjoy!