A New Method

September 14, 2010

Hello, it’s been awhile! I’m writing to tell you about a new discovery I made. In my product development class, we’re all about sustainability.  We recently were assigned a project to change one task in our daily lives to help us have more sustainable behaviors and a conscientious outlook on consumerism. In addition to washing my clothes at cooler temperatures, I decided to try out the detergent put out by Method. It’s 95% plant based, leaves a 35% smaller carbon footprint and the bottle is made from 50% recycled plastic. The only drawback is the price at $15.49 a bottle for 50 loads (approximately .30 cents per load compared to .10 cents per load for an 180-load, $18. container of Tide), but I think the ultimate benefits to helping our environment far outweigh the cost. What do you think?

I will now be  posting more often (yes, I know), but also more about sustainbility in design, whether it be crafty-recycled projects, or just downright good-green things. I hope you find and take away inspiration as always!