Love Photos!

September 14, 2010

Back in August, my amazing friend Nicholas took some sweet engagement photos of my dear James and I. They took place around my house, at some nearby railroad tracks and one of our favorite places to go . . . the Marin Headlands. I can’t choose a favorite, but here is one that James & I especially love!

Here’s a link to view all of the photographs, if you please!



September 14, 2010

On August 13th, I graduated from Nordstrom’s visual merchandising program. I learned SO much. Really. I never could have imagined how much I would learn! Here are some pictures of what I was working on all summer with the awesome team in San Francisco . . Enjoy!

The first day that I worked on transfers with Lisa! Introducing the TOMS wedge to Nordstrom.

Accessories Back Wall.

Matt and I worked on this Vitrine together. Vitrine is a fancy French word for tiny window.

Burberry window featuring the debut of Burberry makeup.

Christopher Bailey’s PA (Personal Appearance)!! Christopher Bailey is the Chief Creative Director of Burberry.

Anniversary Vitrine. Coming up with this concept was so much fun! I felt like the boots were running off to the Anniversary sale! And the girl is thinking, “Hm, which boot to choose? I love this boot. But I also love all these!”

I loved styling this outfit because I would totally wear it if I could afford it. Classic Stella McCartney.

Burberry Prorsum.

Burberry Prorsum in Left Market Street Window. August’s trim was inspired by Nordstrom’s 10-year collaboration with artist, Ruben Toledo.

Donna Karan in Right Market Street Window. One word : Obsessed.

All I did for this window was paint, but it was fabulous so I had to include it. Michael Bublé window.

We also installed special surprises all over the store in homage to Ruben. This girl had a GIANT paintbrush and birdcages all around.

This girl was my favorite. Stowed away back in Collector’s, she stood tall in her cage skirt base, with boots and bags all around. It is hard to see, but the fabric continues onto the floor with a transfer that reads “Where Art Meets Fashion”.

– – –

So, there you have it. A little taste of what I was working on all summer long. Pretty cool, don’t you think? I know one thing’s for sure – I’ll never forget it!

Big News!

May 13, 2010

Well, big news for my little blog!  Back in February, I applied for a visual merchandising internship at Nordstrom in San Francisco. You know the humongous one with seven floors or so? Anyway, fast-forward four interviews and three months later . . I got the job!

I am SO (can’t emphasize that enough!) incredibly excited to join the company and learn so many new things. I love all the people I have met with so far and I know this experience will be amazing!

Yes. I am sad to leave Urban Indigo! I installed my last window installation today and it was definitely bittersweet. I will miss the fun and freedom I experienced there and will never forget the experience.

But as I named my blog, there is always room for change.

I am excited to embrace this new chapter of my life! Starting in June, I’ll be working full time in the city and hopefully I will get lots of opportunities to share a little bit of my new experience with you!

Here are some surrealist-inspired advertisements from Nordstrom’s SP/SU 09 season that I totally love.

More to come!

Holiday Window

November 29, 2009

Wow!  Things have been really busy with Black Friday, Christmas preparations, et cetera.  Our Christmas window went up about a week ago.  It was a lot of fun to put together and surprisingly wasn’t too stressful!  Here are some shots from a couple days later.  Enjoy!

If you get a chance, come down to Urban Indigo and do some shopping.  I’d love to see you and we have lots of really cool, unique gifts for the holidays.

Día de los Muertos

October 22, 2009

I am very excited to share this with you!  Our Día de los Muertos window went up last Monday.  It came out great with lots of vibrant colors and Day of the Dead ephemera inside.  View more photographs of it at my work’s blog here : Urban Indigo’s Blog

The window will be entered into an annual Halloween/Day of the Dead window display contest at the end of the month.  Cross your fingers & may the best window win!

– – –

Photograph courtesy of Elizabeth Kinsey.

Falling in love with fall.

October 3, 2009

For the fall window, I wanted to incorporate lots of leaves (for obvious reasons).  My mom had the brilliant idea of suspending bare, dead branches from the ceiling to create an interesting look, so credit is due there because it turned out amazing!  I love the way it looks like all the leaves fell off of the branches and swirled to the ground on this side.

Ok, there are some great books in here!  Let me tell you what a couple of them are :

-Doña Tomás cookbook (upper left corner) : Full of amazing recipes from paella to mexican hot chocolate to ceviche to corn bread pudding.  The cookbook comes from the owners of Doña Tomás in Oakland (which is also amazing, by the way) and Tacubaya Taqueria in Berkeley.  Well worth leafing through and imagining the possibilites!

-SF Food Lover’s Guide (on wood cutting board) : This is the best guide ever.  Period.  It has multiple indices on price, genre, area, et cetera.  I have already found several little gems after looking through this book.  If you love food and you love San Francisco, it’s a must!

-NEW Pictorial Webster’s Dictionary (little green book) : A dream come true for the visually inclined.  This book just came out recently and it has everything you could possibly think of in it.  Not only are the illustrations amazing, the subjects are endless.

Ok, sorry . . . I get overly excited about awesome books sometimes.  Continuing on to the other side of the window . . .

This was the more kid-oriented side of the window.  The leaves in this one were simply scattered all over the wall and attached in a random, irregular pattern.  Some of my favorite things here are The Red Balloon, the Tin Can Robot, and the greatest accessory to any Halloween costume – Gnarly Teeth!

I like this photograph because it simply shows just how many leaves were used!  As you can see, quite a lot!  My boyfriend and I handpicked all these little leaves up on Mandana on Oakland, which turned out to be quite fun.  By the time we were done collecting we had an entire Safeway bag filled to the brim with leaves.  I thought to myself, this will definitely be more than enough.  By the time this window was completed, the bag was empty!  I had used every single one.

This window was a LOT of work to prepare AND to put up, but I think the result was well worth it.  Since October began just a couple days ago, I have really been falling in love with fall. Everything about the air, the smells, the swirling leaves is just so comforting as I know the holidays are approaching fast.

I am very excited about our next window.  It is being installed on Friday, October the 16th and we will be participating in a window contest.  More to share with you about that later!


September 28, 2009

The most recent window installation at Urban Indigo was all about going green.  I brought in my beach cruiser, hung corrugated cardboard with bags made out of post-consumer recycled material, and incorporated lots of fun products into the scene.  Here are some photographs :

Tomorrow our fall/autumn window is going up.  I’m looking forward to sharing more photographs with you soon!

Catching Up

September 21, 2009

Hey everybody!  Once again, I have not been the best at blogging, but I came down with something this last week, so we will just blame it on that.

Here are two shots from my last window – back to school.  It came out great.  I hung suspended rulers from the ceiling that had holes drilled in the ends and used old kindergarten-sized chairs for displays & props.

More window photos to come soon from my latest “Green” window installation (pun intended!).

Cooks & Books

August 27, 2009

The latest window I installed at Urban Indigo was centered around “cooks & books”. The recent cooking craze has everyone scrambling to see what they can come up with next (you can include me in that!).  So, why not have part of the window be focused on cooking?  That’s just what we did.  Tami helped a lot with this window in the brainstorming process on how to make a Julie & Julia themed window and this is what came out of it . . .

There were a lot of things I really loved incorporating into this window . . . my mom’s old recipe cards, cookie sheets, pie tins, et cetera!  It was so much fun.

The other side of the window had a wall of Tin Tin books and was very kid-oriented.  Here are some photographs from the other side . . .

Some of my favorite books that went into this window were Big Rabbit’s Bad Mood, Mr. Popper’s Penguins and the Indie Rock Coloring Book.

The next window will be installed this coming Monday, August 31 and will be the back-to-school window.  It should be fantastic!  I will try and post some photographs the following Tuesday or Thursday.


August 4, 2009

The newest window installation at my work centers around travel.  For the first time in awhile, I really had no set plan or design drawn up before I began this window – only a few basic ideas to begin.  I knew that I definitely wanted to include this “Vacationland” tablecloth from Red & White Kitchen, so I strung it up on one side of the window.  It’s really cute – it features all fifty states with vintage looking illustrations.  I apologize in advance for the small size of the photographs and for any glare.  (I really need a polarized lens!)

From there on, it was just a matter of assembling things that looked good together in the window and were travel-themed, as well as giving the products different heights for a more interesting view.

I just loved the old suitcase with the matching “Vacationland” pillow & the sock monkey sitting close by!

For the other side, I brought in some old atlas pages I cut out to tack on the wall and a ton of my dad’s old foreign currency.