Big News!

May 13, 2010

Well, big news for my little blog!  Back in February, I applied for a visual merchandising internship at Nordstrom in San Francisco. You know the humongous one with seven floors or so? Anyway, fast-forward four interviews and three months later . . I got the job!

I am SO (can’t emphasize that enough!) incredibly excited to join the company and learn so many new things. I love all the people I have met with so far and I know this experience will be amazing!

Yes. I am sad to leave Urban Indigo! I installed my last window installation today and it was definitely bittersweet. I will miss the fun and freedom I experienced there and will never forget the experience.

But as I named my blog, there is always room for change.

I am excited to embrace this new chapter of my life! Starting in June, I’ll be working full time in the city and hopefully I will get lots of opportunities to share a little bit of my new experience with you!

Here are some surrealist-inspired advertisements from Nordstrom’s SP/SU 09 season that I totally love.

More to come!